Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You are 8!

William, you are 8!  You are a big boy now!  Really, a big boy!  You are tall.  You got glasses this year and already need new ones :)  You read more than you eat each day.  You read books way above your level and love them.  You love The Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit.  You love to snuggle.  You love Lamby.  You love your bunk beds.  You love warm pajamas and comfy clothes.  You still like to dress up in army clothes and play battle.  You have more little tiny army men than anyone I know.  You love to re-enact the Civil War.  You love Ariel and take such good care of her each day.  You like tennis.  You love a good joke.  You come up with your own jokes.  You love to learn.  You love your teacher, Mrs. Martin.  You love your friends, at church and school.  You'd rather watch the school play than be in it.  You still have trouble remembering not to suck on your bottom lip.  You have had a mouth appliance for a few months correcting a  cross-bite you have, and you have been a trooper!  You love to be goofy.  You do really great noises and sound effects.  You love little kids and think they are cute, especially Annalee.  You love animals, but are allergic to many of them, so you have learned to be careful around them.  You love going to the beach.   You love history.  You love forts-real and pretend.  You are sweet and thoughtful and one of the most sensitive people we know. You love your family.  We love our William!  You are 8!

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