Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas 2009 Begins

To begin Christmas break, David took the last day of school off and we went to Jackson. It had been 4 years and 2 children since our last trip. It was WAYYY overdue! We only got to stay for 2 nights and had to leave very early the last morning (I'm talking 6 a.m.), but we had a great time. Mamaw and Papaw cooked for us, Mrs. Hall came to see us and meet Joseph. Aunt Julie made us cupcakes and came to visit. And Uncle Paul came to eat dinner. Uncle Daniel and Aunt Hali came our second day and spent that night. Lily loved going to mamaw's beauty parlor, where she got her hair curled! The kids all enjoyed being somewhere different and getting to visit with so many people. We had a great time and hope to go back much sooner than 4 years!

Baby Dedication

My parents were the only family able to come to Joseph's dedication. We, as usual, did a crummy job of planning our family event, so we missed a lot of family that got to be at Lily's and William's dedications. They all were able to watch on thanks to our communications director! We love our church family and are glad they are so committed to helping us raise our children in God's ways. My Mom had the camera for the dedication and missed us crossing the stage, so here a couple of shots of us getting ready to go on stage.

Ruth turns...Almost 30!

This year I turned 29 and celebrated with David, the kids, and my parents. We had pizza and ice cream cake. They made it a very special party!

Thanksgiving 2009

I know this post is a little late, but get ready-I'll get you caught up!
This Thanksgiving was a great one! We started out by having breakfast at David's parents' house-Daniel and Hali and Gran and Grandaddy were visiting. Gran and Grandaddy brought Lily's birthday presents and boy were they a hit! At around lunch time, Uncle Danny and Aunt Rosemary came. The plan was for lunch to be at 2:00 and we were leaving to eat with my parents in Montgomery, since my mom had been busy working all week. We met up with them at our house and made our way to Cracker Barrel. Our original plan was to eat Chinese, but none of the restaurants were open. Apparently we got Thanksgiving confused with Christmas-they are ALL open on Christmas. Anyway, Cracker Barrel turned out to be a great thing! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had NOTHING to clean up!

I could NOT resist posting these pictures! You may have heard the rumor that when there are 8 or more Givens together there will be head measuring and a "Biggest Head" winner will be declared! It is true and here is proof! I believe the winner on Thanksgiving day was Uncle Danny with Jason as a close 2ND and Ruth as a VERY close 3rd. You may think this is weird, but it is so funny!