Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lily's 2nd Birthday

We did so many fun things for Lily's 2nd birthday! The day started with candles in her pancakes and a round of "Happy Birthday, to You." It was such a hit that we put candles in a food item at every meal that day: in the banana at lunch and in her small cake at supper.

We went to Bass Pro Shops after lunch to try and catch Santa Claus. He wasn't there until that night, so we just played some of the games and took some pictures of the kids.

We had a "party" for Lily the night of her birthday, with just us and a small cake. The next day we had the "real" party. Uncle Daniel, Aunt Hali, Grammy, Pop, Mimi, Papa, Uncle Kevin, and William, Joseph, Mama, and Daddy were all there to help Lily celebrate.

For each birthday party, the kids get to pick what they want to eat and what kind of cake they want Mom to make. Lily picked Pizza and a "Word World" cake. For those of you who may not be familiar with Word World, it is Lily's favorite APT tv show. It involves a group of animals whose bodies consist of their name spelled out. It sounds wierd, I know. But trust me, if you saw it, it would all make sense!

It was a fun birth-day and party!