Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beach Trip 2009 Part 2

Just a few more pictures from the beach. As you can see, William and Lily both enjoyed getting buried and "fishing" with the nets. Lily also had a great time rolling in the sand (the picture on here with sand all over her back was taken right as we were packing up our stuff at the beach on our last evening out-she decided to literally roll in it). William loved watching the waves and "diving" into them.
William also got to go Putt-Putt Golfing. He insisted on taking his picture with the statue you see below.
Lily was fascinated with this tiny pink radio in our room. One day, after putting her in her pack-n-play for a nap, I went to check on her. She had somehow gotten the radio into her bed and had Christian 80's Rock blaring. The next day, she managed to get the radio again, but this time fell asleep with it tucked under her arm! It was hilarious to say the least!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach Trip 2009

After 2 years we FINALLY got to take a real vacation and to our favorite vacation spot-Ft. Morgan. We rented a house along with David's parents and his brothers and sister-in-law. Our house was only a couple of roads over from David's Gran and Grandaddy and Uncle Danny and cousin Rachel (We missed David's Aunt Rosemary who had to work in DC that week).
We had a great week with everyone. William and Lily both loved the water and the sand. I think Lily's favorite was the sand and William's favorite was the water. Here are a TON of pictures that highlight just a little of what we did!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Joseph Henry Givens

We have finally decided on a name for our new little boy: Joseph Henry. We noticed a trend after naming Lily that we thought we'd keep up. William and Lily both have an English or royal name (William and Lily) and a Bible name (David and Esther), so we figured this child needed each as well! We took the name Joseph from the Bible and from David's side of the family (his uncle, great-grandfather and more) and Henry came after one of my grandfather's and happens to also be in David's family. We are glad to have made this BIG decision and will wait until we see him to decide what to call him.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

U.S.S. Alabama

We decided to make our week-long vacation a little longer by going to Uncle Daniel and Aunt Hali's house in Mobile for two nights. Since we knew they would have to work during the day while we were there, we invited Pop to come down and go to the Battleship with us for Father's Day. My dad loves going to the ship and has begged me to go for years, so we figured it was time and thought William would really enjoy it. So Grammy stayed with the chickens, Pop came and we made a day of it.
We started off by seeing all of the air crafts, guns, and cannons out in front of the Battleship.
This was William showing the Battleship his "guns." :-)
This was William's favorite airplane because of the face on the nose.

This was William on the way to the ship "reading" the map-he now thinks he is an expert!