Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's A Boy!

Sorry to bombard everyone with so many posts, but this is the last one today! We went for our ultrasound appointmant last week and found out we are having a boy. William is very excited and Lily has no clue! William wants to name him Stew Pot and apparently Uncle Daniel wants his name to be Jeremiah Nahum :-). You all know how long it took us to decide on the names for William and Lily, so you've got a while to wait on this one as well!

Easter 2009 part 3

After church we headed to Mimi and papa's house for a little egg hunting and lunch. We took a few pictures, as you can see. Lily kept her pearls on all morning, which was a miracle!
My mom helped us by making Lily's outfit and William's sear-sucker(sp?) shorts. William got to pick out his shirt, which happened to match quite well with Lily's. They were so cute, we had to make some pictures!
We ended the afternoon by riding the scooter with Papa Bill, a game Lily thought should last forever and William lying on a blanket in the sun, one of his new favorite activities.

Easter 2009 part 2

Resurrection Sunday at our church always includes the children and preschoolers bringing flowers from home/the store to decorate a wooden cross covered in wire. William and Lily both got to bring some of the last azaleas from our house this year and enjoyed adding them in with everyone else's. When the cross is finished and flowers are "tastefully redistributed" (even before we arrange the flowers, it is beautiful because of the love the kids put into it), it is a beautiful reminder of the life we receive at the cross. We call it "The Living Cross."

Easter 2009

Here are some pictures of William and Lily seeing their baskets. William had eggs that were shaped like dinosaur heads and Lily had some shaped like animals. They are still playing with them everyday! William also got a new Bible. This is his first real Bible, aside from the dedication Bible he got when he was born. He picked it out and thought we weren't going to get it yet. He was very surprised to see it in his basket. He has been asking for weeks if he could have one to take to church with him.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had our Church Easter Egg hunt on Palm Sunday this year with a Palm Sunday Picnic. It rained profusely that morning, so we did everything inside. There is a picture of us eating our picnic inside. Lily liked it so much, we decided Good Friday might be a great day to have a real picnic. William has always loved eating, wherever we are, so of course he was ready.
The day was windy, so we didn't get too hot. While eating, we discovered Lily loves sharing food. I think this is the draw for her to picnics :-). After we ate, we decided to feed some of the birds that live at the park. There were geese, ducks, swan, and other kinds of birds. The kids both loved this part. After the feeding, we went back to our blanket were William decided he needed to take a nap-Lily followed, for about 2 seconds!