Friday, May 23, 2008

An Addition

Last weekend we got the news that our little one was ready to be picked up. She was just the right age, 4 years old. We were overjoyed when the pictures showed us just what we were looking for. We made plans to travel and get her. William was excited and couldn't believe he was getting a Yes, we put a lot of effort into getting this car. And yes, I did feel like we were picking up an adopted child or atleast a new pet. David researched the best used cars, waited for the right price, and it payed off. The only thing was, it was in Jacksonville, Fl. A quick 6 hour drive, or in our minds, half-way to Michigan! We made our plans, woke up at 3:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and made the drive. About an hour outside of Jacksonville, I realized Amelia Island was on the outskirts of town. This would probably mean nothing to the normal person, but to me, it was great. You see, since I saw a show on the Island about 7 years ago, I've wanted to go. Nobody else really ever shared this desire with me, so I figured I wouldn't get to see it. Well, as soon as we picked our car up at the Mercedes dealership (which by the way was the nicest dealership I've ever been to-luxurious bathrooms...remember a 6 hour drive, cookies and softdrinks, free internet room, VERY large flatscreens) we headed to Amelia Island to have lunch. The whole trip was an adventure and we got two great things out of it-a great 2004 Pontiac Vibe and a trip (quick trip) to Amelia Island.


The past few weeks have been very busy. As soon as the play was over, which by the way went very well, it was time to say goodbye to 13 really great teenagers. The biggest senior class for Eastwood Christian School graduated this year. Out of the 13, 10 were girls. Part of this class started as 8th graders when we first came to Eastwood. Since then others have joined. Seven of the seniors have been acting with us from the beginning of Eastwood Drama. Two of the guys have each been a starring role or main character every year. It was hard to say goodbye to such dependable and unique friends. We hope to see them soon and we hope we get to watch them take on bigger things in the years to come!