Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You Are 3

This is better late than never!!!
Joseph, You are 3!  You are smart, cute, sensitive.  You are a bog boy starting school.  You are not sure about leaving Mommy sometimes, but you brave-up and go anyway.  You are so strong.  You take gymnastics, and although the first 2 weeks you cried everyday, you love it now!  You can flip on the rings and balance better than anybody else in your class.  You love riding horses.  You remind us of William sometimes as you get older.  You are very sweet.  You get Mommy to "pump" some brave (squeeze your hand) to get you ready to do something you don't really want to do.  You stopped sucking your thumb all on your own...you have amazing drive and determination.  You decide things and stick to your decisions.  You love Ariel and she loves kissing your face.  You love to play with Lily and are beginning to play with William more and more.  You don't really love to watch tv.  You'd rather be moving around and seeing what else might be going on.  You love to eat things Mom and dad love, like hummus, beans, pickles, and you try more new foods than William or Lily.  You love Thomas the Train.  You are learning so much in K-3, your numbers and letters.  You love your friends at church and school.  You like to sneak on Lily's dress up high heels and try to do tricks in them, like balancing on things :)  You are daring when it comes to physical feats, but very timid with social situations.  You love your Lily and Bubba and Mommy and Daddy.  You love being the baby and still getting to rock with Mommy.  If you see anyone else with Mommy, you have to be there too!  You love music.  Anytime you hear it, you stop and listen carefully.  You love guitar, piano, all of it! You love to rub and pat people to let them know it is ok, when you sense they are upset.  You are sensitive.  You are special and we love you, Joseph!  You are 3!

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