Saturday, April 17, 2010


I had to post that Joseph finally also said "Ma-ma." Yesterday, as I was in a hurry folding clothes, about to leave for play practice, I could hear Joseph in the next room yapping. It was slowly turning into whining and was about to get on my nerves, but then I realized he was "yapping" the same thing over and over. Then I realized it was "Mmmmmmm" and then "Mmmaaa-mmmaaa." I was pretty excited, but forgot to tell anyone. When I got back from play practice, Joseph reached for me (another first) and when I got him, Sarah told me how he'd been calling for me-so I had witnesses. As Sarah and Jason were leaving, Joseph waved enthusiastically to them, letting them know that they could then leave (another first).
His social development is apparently kicking in pretty quickly-I guess he's just been taking it all in, until now!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Da Da"

Joseph did it, he said his first word, finally! It was Da Da. David was putting him to bed last night and returned to inform me that Joseph had said it. I thought he was joking. But this morning when Joseph woke up, he immediately starting calling for Da Da. It was cute. Since he was late sitting up, I knew he'd eventually get to his first word and begin babbling.
So that makes 2 children whose first word was Da Da and 1 for Ma Ma. The boys chose Da Da and Lily chose Ma Ma (which is actually still her favorite word!).