Tuesday, December 2, 2008


David and I are both directing and acting in our church's upcoming theater event. Narnia, the musical, will be December 19th and 20th. The following website was made by a friend of ours and is a great way to keep up with the progress of the production.
You can get tickets through us or by calling our church office at 271-3363. All proceeds go directly to the building fund that pays for the existing new worship center.
This musical is based on C.S. Lewis' classic, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. David is Mr. Tumnus and I am Mrs. Beaver. It is definately going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so don't miss it!

Lily's First Birthday

Lily turned one-year-old last week! I know we still haven't got pictures of William's birthday, but I promise they are coming.

Lily had a great time with her cake. She needed a little help getting started, but once she tasted the cake part, she was off!
Lily also loved her Lily doll. She has played with this doll in stores for months and is so happy to have one at home now. It sings and counts and its' name is actually Lily, which I think is the draw for her.

Lily had her own smaller cake on the birthday plate.

We have been so busy I almost didn't have time to make this cake for Lily. It is not as elaborate as William's cakes have been, but I think Lily really liked it.

Lily got to wear her birthday dress from Aunt Julie. She loves putting it on! She is also wearing the little pearls Grammy and Pop gave her.

Dad had to help open presents!

We had a great party and Lily seemed to enjoy it. She loved all of her gifts. She got clothes, a laptop, a book, some Tinker Bell washcoths, and so much more! We are so thankful for her and proud of her!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dreamfield Farms on William's Birthday

Wednesday was William's birthday. It was also his very first field trip with his preschool class. David took the day off of work (VERY rare) and we all went along. William had a GREAT time and wants to make it an annual trip for his birthday. The picture is of him and a buddy riding the "cow train," which was being pulled by a gator. The driver told the kids to hold their hands up, but this was about as far as William's got. His exact words were, "I was tryin' not to fall outta that thing!"

Taylor Road Treats the Town

This is our family picture we had taken last night at "Taylor Road Treats the Town," our church's annual celebration. Lily was a bumble bee and William was an Auburn cowboy. They both had a great time and everything was a big success. We work very hard to organize this each year and ended up reaching about 1,000 people.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Fair

We had a great time at the fair last weekend. This year William got to ride more than ever and loved every second. We even got to go to the circus, but William insisted he get a sausage dog before he went. He really loved the every part of the fair that David loves so much. Lily had fun too. We stayed for about 7 hours and she didn't sleep a wink. In the circus she laughed at everything. Her favorites were the clown and the elephants. When the clown's car backfired and he pretended to get shot, she got a little concerned. But as soon as the clown got up, she was the first one to start laughing, loudly. We were on the front row, so when the elephants were just feet away from us, Lily did her hands like she does to tell us to pick her up. She desperately wanted the elephants to pick her up. Here are some pictures. They are a little out of order, sorry!
Dad and William loving the fair.
This is out of order, I know, but see the scary kiddy ride down below. This is William after his first ride.
Lily LOVED watching everyone ride.
We raced. I have never gone that fast on one of those before. They had just greased the slides and we were all flying.
Grammy and Lily
Pop was there somehwere, but avoided the camera.
Lily was pretty comfortable the whole time.

He really liked it.
The brave thumbs up.

This is how high it was.
This is the scariest kiddy ride I have ever seen. William rode it 6 times.

This is William's Fair Pose.
This is David imitating William in the parking lot doing his Fair Pose.
The funnel cake is what keeps me coming back. David loves the rides, the food, everything. I go to enjoy everything with David, but mainly I go for the funnel cake.
We decided to watch the cow judging this year-it was fun. We got really good at predicting the winners. If you have never seen this, you should. It is quite entertaining to hear someone talking about a heifer while it sounds like they are describing the lady leading it around.
Lily with Mimi and Papa

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Some Show!"

Last Saturday William got to see his very first play, Charlotte's Web. It was a great show and William loved every minute of it. He says his favorite part was the pink pig-that would be Wilbur. We ended up having an extra ticket, so William got to invite a friend. He chose Daniel Teal, a friend of ours from Eastwood. William loves him and felt very special to have him go along. These are a few pictures of our trip. William on the way to the show-he's not asleep. He's just blinking!
The "thumbs-up" as we take our seats.
After the show, he and Daniel give us a "thumbs-up."
Family picture-minus Lily-she's too young. William had to wait 4 years.
William and Daniel playing around.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Waterpark Fun!

This is another belated addition to the blog, but better late than never! This summer we did not get to go on a vacation, so the closest thing was a trip to the Auburn waterpark. William had never been to a waterpark and had a blast. Grammy got to go with us while we left Lily with Mimi and Papa, who graciously stayed behind so we could have fun without having to worry about Lily getting too much sun, etc. William's favorite thing there was the kiddie pool with the floating alligator and slide. In the afternoon Pop even showed up and after working all day to get his nerve up to go down the slide, William succeeded. We had a lot of fun and Willliam cannot wait to be big enough to go down the slides daddy went down.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

William's Suit

About a year ago, William saw this suit and had to buy it. He could never wear it, because we kept putting off buying Sunday shoes for him (he always wears crocs). So the day I came home with a pair of Sunday shoes, he was ready to get his suit out. These are a few pictures of William, Dad, and Lily all dressed up!

Trip to Huntsville

This summer we went to Huntsville
for one of my neices' birthdays and dance recital. We had fun with them, even though it seems I have no pictures, and on the way home had a few stops. The first was this little historical village outside of Huntsville where I made everyone pose in front of the doorway to a cute old restaurant. They love me, so they posed. We found this other old store, further down the road, where we made David pose, since it has his initials like 10 ft. tall. We had a great time with my brother and his family and a really good time watching Emery Claire dance in her recital.

First Day of School

A couple of weeks ago, William started a new chapter in his life: PRESCHOOL. To say he loves it , wouldn't be an adequate description. He got so excited over shopping for his school supplies. Who knew a $5 backpack and a matching cammo lunchbox could make a kid so happy? So far this year his class has learned about letters A, B, and C and numbers 1 and 2. He has talked more than ever since starting school and knows what a traffic light is (if you're not familiar with the green, yellow, and red light disciplinary system, this doesn't mean as much to you). These pictures are from his first day of school. Notice he's wearing his light-up T-Rex shirt. This shirt is one of about 4 he insists on wearing to school each week. The others have dinosaurs and/or cammo. He is a funny kid and is growing up.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lily's 9 Month Pictures

Lily had her 9 month pictures today. She was quite a ham when all eyes were on her. The top 3 pictures are her cutting up and the rest are the better ones. I thought you might like to see "the real Lily" too!