Thursday, March 11, 2010

Christmas Presents

Lily's scooter

William's Snuggie

William opening the race car he thought every store was sold out of-we discovered e-shopping this year!

We realized we had been going overboard with little stuff for the kids on Christmas morning, so this year, we devised a plan! We decided they each would get their stocking-full of fun stuff (that's all we could buy the-what would fit in the stocking) from Santa and 3 gifts from me and David. We have decided to include Santa because it is fun to imagine a fun, old, jolly guy who gives because of what Christ gave him-salvation. By limiting his "participation" to the stockings, we are hopefully downplaying him. The 3 gifts we give them have to fit certain criteria-this helped so much when shopping for them-it gave us focus and made the gifts more thoughtful and purposeful. One gift must be something they need. One is something they want. And the last is something that surpasses all expectation. If you didn't catch it, these three things are all things Christ is to us. We liked it and I think the kids were not as bombarded with gifts as they were last year.
We got William some pajamas, a movie with a snuggie, and a race car thing he was only dreaming of. We got Lily some pajamas, a movie, and a tricycle. Joseph got pajamas, a teething toy, and a scooter/walk around thing.

Christmas Morning

We continued a little tradition started last year of reading the Christmas story while acting it out with the playset figurines. It was really fun and Lily made it through most of the story. She really liked putting the angel on top of the barn to make it "sing."

The kids looking in their stockings. They were very excited!

Christmas Eve Part 2 (are you confused yet?)

Dad and William cooked the grits and shrimp and bacon for Christmas Eve supper. It was delicious! Each Christmas Eve we have over any of our two families who are able to come for a special dinner. We take lots of time to pick a menu with something a little different or special about it and enjoy the time with family. This year Papa Bil, Mimi, Pop, and Grammy came.
When we got home after the Christmas Eve service, it was time to open presents from Uncle Danny/Aunt Rosemary/Rachel and Aunt Macy/Uncle Alan. The kids were super excited and loved the gifts, which were perfect! THANK YOU!

Christmas 2009 Part 3

Christmas Eve we went to David's Aunt Macy and Uncle Alan's house. They had so many people there for lunch that they had to take the furniture out of the living room to fit enough tables for everyone. It was fun to get to meet some of the Valaer family that we had heard so much about and to get to see so many Givens' gathered at one time. We had a great time and made it back home in for the Christmas Eve service at church where David tells the children's story every year.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Annalee Carr Givens is here! She was born March 8, 2010, and wieghed 7 lbs. 10 oz.