Friday, September 23, 2011

Beach Trip part 6

We had a really great trip. These are the last few pictures. There are a few more things we did and forgot to get pictures of. Aunt Hali, Uncle Daniel, Annalee, Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Jason all came for the day on Saturday. We had fun, especially when Dad and Uncle Daniel were holding Joseph and Annalee and saw a shark :)
We also went crab hunting several times. One night, Mom, William, and Papa Bill went hunting and caught the trip's record catch of 16 crabs. William also discovered he loves to eat shrimp and crab!

Did I mention that William LOVES the beach? He spent most of his time snorkling on the edge.
Please enlarge this so you can see their faces! We thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Suveneer City. Joseph found a monkey he calls "Munchky", Lily got a necklace, and William got a sea net with a sand dollar to hang his crab shells on his wall at home.
And this is what we did each day-TOOK NAPS!

Beach Trip part 5

We had some tokens left for The Track, so we revisited without Mimi and Papa. We rode gocarts a gain and rode water-bumper-boats. We got completely soaked, but ad FUN!

Beach Trip part 4

Dad and Joseph contemplating how nice the ocean can be when it's not scorching hot outside. We FINALLY figured out Joseph just was uncomfortable, not hating the ocean. :)
Mimi got William and Lily each a seashell bag. Lily insisted we put hers on her swimsuit so Joseph wouldn't sneak around and crush her shells.
We tried this a couple of times until a really big wave washed us both over and scared me to death not having hold of Lily. We had fun while it lasted!
Joseph wanted to sport the "redneck" beach look like Dad.
This was a little fort they built. It actually looked a lot like the forts in old westerns.
Mimi and Jospeh
William even got into the surfboard action.
Papa Bill and Lily chased and slapped waves...yes, I said slapped waves. Just one of their games :)
Lily buried Daddy.
Lily and William made a turtle with a little help from Dad. William worked especially hard on the feet.

Beach Trip part 3

We love our days on the beach!!!

Miss Lily with her pinwheel. Mimi always gets us at least one pinwheel to put in the ground by the chairs.

We had a short walk to get to the water. William had to help Joseph occassionally.

These were the BEST floats to ride waves. They are called inflatable surfboards and were very hard to find down there. Our first two blew away one day and I drove 45 minutes one way to get some more-the last two they had!

Lily chillaxin'.

Mommy and Lily

Daddy and William

Papa Bill and Joseph. Joseph had days where he wanted to dive in and days where he wanted to be anywhere but on the beach. This was one of the days he wanted to go to the house!

My son who LOVES the beach and the water!!

Beach Trip part 2

Sunday was fun with a Bible story about preaching God's Word. Each kid took turns "preaching". Lily preached, but we got that on video instead of just a pic.

After our church service we went to Ft. Morgan. William has been looking forward to this FOREVER! He is our little history lover and one of his favorite outings is checking out old forts and ships. Two years ago we went to the USS Alabama Battleship, so we thought this year it was time to brave the heat and sun and let him see the fort. We walked all around the dark tunnels and around the outer walls.

Lily and William braving the dark corners of the fort-it was really cute!

The view of the Lighthouse from atop the fort walls.

We cooled off in the museum. The kids loved the canon they could climb all over. Check out Joseph's face...

Beach Trip part 1

This year we stayed in an itty bitty cabin at Ft. morgan with David's parents. We thought we weren't going to get to go, so this was a treat!

Papa Bill and Mimi treated us all to an afternoon at The Track. As you can see, everyone got to ride gocarts and even some horses. I love the look on Joseph's face and the way he slid down into the seat. David said that the first go round, Joseph had successfully unbuckled himself. David had to quickly rebuckle the boy before he flew out!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Indian Creek Company

This spring we also participated in the Selma Reenactment once again. This year, though, we embarked on a new adventure in Civil War Reenacting. We have always portrayed civilians of one sort or another, but never have we attempted the shopkeeper. When the sponsors contacted us to see if we would be interested in creating an authentic sutler set-up, we could not resist. My mom and dad set about constructing the store itself and making whatever leather goods and clothing they had time to make and I set about creating authentic labels and products often found in traveling sutleries following the armies.
The process was extremely time consuming, but the result was rewarding. Scores of people came through and not only bought things, but were also interested in learning what the shops following the army actually carried. I helped Daddy "keep" the shop and the rest of the family did their normal thing. We had some old friends there with their children. They were about the same age as ours, so the kids had a great time.

A few weeks later, William and I went with Pop to Tannehill State Park for the reenactment. We had a great time, especially William and me getting to stay in the camper at night. Someone else there had some paper latterns like the ones in Tangled, the movie, that they let go each night.