Monday, February 22, 2010

Christmas 2009 Continued

After we got back from Jackson, we made a trip to Smut Eye to spend "Christmas" with my parents. Even though it was a few days earlier than Christmas day, it was fun! David, William, and Lily decorated Grammy's tree for her while she was busy cooking food for all of us to enjoy! They did a pretty good job!

Aunt Flossie came over to eat and to open presents.

Joseph had a great time "opening" his presents.

Lily got too many presents to name, of course! This is her enjoying her new silver hairbrush.

The big thing Lily got from my parents was a kitchen for her room.

She loved it and was totally surprised, even though she was with me when we found it at Sam's!

Every year my Mom and Dad (mostly Daddy, since he usually picks them out) give me a pair of quirky Christmas socks.

David got a paper football set.

And this was Aunt Flossie's face as she opened her gift from us-a very silly yearbook picture of David that I think she will treasure forever :-) (notice the very nice wrapping paper!).