Saturday, August 25, 2012

Selma 2012 Part 3

The Battle of Selma Grand Ball was Lily's dream come true! William and Joseph really just goofed off, but Lily danced all night! She danced with David and Pop and Nolin.

Lily always wears her yellow ribbon-from "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon", Lily's favorite western :)

One of the best parts of the ball is getting to ride the school bus from the campground to Sturdivant Hall.

Pop's hat!
Joseph fell asleep on my lap, not long after this picture!
The Virginia Reel!

Selma 2012 Part 2

Since we had just gotten Ariel, we took her camping with us! We had fun! While we got ready for the ball, Ariel and Joseph bonded :)

Lily was very proud of her dress and hair and of being with Mary Agnes.

Selma 2012 Part 1

Each year, we go to The Battle of Selma. This year, we went and took the Geiger family (minus Soren-he was at college). We had a great time!



is our dog! We have been thinking about getting a dog soon for the kids to enjoy, but had no real plans. A friend at school jokingly asked David if we'd be interested in a sweet Australian Shepherd a friend of hers had. The dog was so good at being a dog, she kept trying to herd the horses on her horse farm, which was getting in the way. The solution was to find her a new home :)

To David's surprise, when he came home to tell me about the conversation and laugh about how crazy that would be, I said we should go look at her and meet her. Our only other dog was David's childhood dog, Sunny. She was an Australian Shepherd and was a great dog, so we figured this would be the breed to go with, having children around!

When we met her, she was very protective of her owner, did not like men (David), and was unsure about the kids, but very good at sensing fear. Getting her home was fun. We went to Walmart and got a collapsible crate to put in the van and she rode all the way. She was very shaky when we got home, but we loved on her a lot! She was used to going inside and outside, and we felt so bad not letting her in, we let her have the front screened porch.

We also had to add a fence, so we went all out and got the white picket fence, which is really cute with our house! The kids love Ariel and her time is now spent herding children, not horses :)

Let's Play Catch-UP!!!

These are a bit jumbled, but we had a great time taking them! David and I went to Calloway Gardens in February for our annual Alabama Preschool and Children's Ministers Organization conference. We took about an 8 mile bike ride (my bike having no breaks-really) and took our friend Flat Stanley along. My niece Emery Claire needed us to take Stanley around our part of Alabama and send him home with pictures and pamphlets and other fun stuff!

The First White House of the Confederacy

Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

Alabama's Capitol

Me and Stanley

David and Stanley

The Biscuit's Stadium

Big Moe

The guard at the First White House of the Confederacy