Monday, March 30, 2009

Lily's First Haircut

About a month and a half ago we took Lily to get her first haircut. Our friend, Mary Elizabeth, cuts my hair and kids' hair all the time, so she cut Lily's. Lily started out ok, but quickly started to panic and cry. I ended up having to sit with her and hold her in my lap for Mary Elizabeth to finish. In the end, it was cute!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Christmas Lights at the Zoo 2009

We always try to go to Zoo Lights at The Montgomery Zoo. This year we went just before New Year's. We had a great time! We took Mimi, Papa, Pop, and Grammy with us. We saw a goat standing on a zebra's back (see picture)-it was really funny. William liked picking out all of the dinosaur lights and Lily just liked riding around. Here are a few pictures!

New Year Stuff!

I know that it has taken FOREVER to post anything new, but finally-New Year's!
Our Church's annual Children's Department night of skating at Looney's was the week following Christmas. Anyone in the church that wants to, comes to enjoy pizza, friends, and skating. We usually have some visitors too, so it's a great opprtunity to get to know them. William skated last year, but didn't really remember it. He LOVED it this year! He took a quick skate lesson and was a pro! Lily LOVED dancing to the music that played the whole time. We had a fun time and Grammy and Pop even got to come!