Thursday, April 24, 2008

Civil War

This past weekend we all went to The Selma Re-enactment. I have been going to this for about 16 years or so, with a few misses here and there. This is the second time David, William, and I have been and Lily's first time to go. We had a great time! We got to buy a new tent, which was very exciting to William. He likes that it is green, which we all know means that it is a John Deere tent! William also was very happy to get two new guns ( a pistol and a shotgun), a new canteen, and a new haversack in the deal. He was a real "soldier" and was proud of it! I think William and Lily were sort of a hit for all the spectators. They got their pictures taken constantly. It did seem as though we were the exhibits and the spectators were looking at us in our habitats, but we asked for it. It is rewarding to teach people about such an important part of our nation's history and such a different way of life.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today we have our 15th to last practice before the big night. It is a little scary, but the kids are doing great! David and I direct he Spring musical each year at Eastwood Christian School, here in Montgomery. This is our 5th year. The shows we've done in the past include the following:
"The King and I"
"Fiddler On the Roof"
"The Music Man"
"The Sound of Music"
Every year the Eastwood family is amazed at the talent concentrated in such a small school. We too are amazed each year at the final result. It gets very crazy, especially at this point in the game, but it ALWAYS turns out unbelievably well. We have a great team that works on the play and love getting to work with them each year. I hope you will get to see "Annie" and experience the awe created by quality theatre.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Here we are!

Here we are-The Givens Family! I decided to start this blog as an easy way to keep up with the life of our family. I hope you enjoy reading it!
I guess I can catch you up on what we've been up to. Back in November we welcomes Lily Esther Givens into our family. It has been great getting to know her and watch her personality unfold. She seems to be a lot like her brother William-sweet, easy-going, and she loves people. We can also definitely tell she is a little girl. She can be demanding and even has her own little girl squeal when things don't go her way.
William is loving tractors (as always) and has recently discovered the fun of Hot Wheels cars and jumping tracks. He also loves to play golf with his Papa Bill. He is so interested in the world around him. He creates such funny ideas in his little head and one of his latest is that of "saving the day." He is so into making the MOST of each day, or at least the most a three-year-old can. After church yesterday morning he very confidently informed me that he had, in fact, saved the day and could then go home. He is a funny kid!